Who We Are

Kids and Babies Academy

Kids and Babies Academy (KBA) is a bilingual nursery and preschool approved by the Senegalese government based on the French system, which offers an English-French program.

The preschool program: Ages 2 - 6

The preschool program is based on the new French program which is offered in equal parts in French and English, following the 5 learning areas of the official program recommended by the French Ministry of National Education (see the section «Educational Methods» for a detailed presentation of the instructional program).

The nursery: Ages 3months - 2

The nursery educational program is based on American standards and was designed around 6 objectives which aim to develop language, intellect, social relationships, motor function, independence and imagination.

Nursery activities are designed for children aged 3 months to two years with early-learning activities, specially adapted to each age group.

After school program

TWe also offer creative workshops for children aged 2 to 10, as well as a playground and baby gym room.

Our mission is to ensure the care, development and well-being of your children in a safe environment.

Our Team

The director, Mrs. Gabrielle Goudiaby Ngom, holds a degree from American University in Washington, DC, and went on to complete a Master’s degree in Education at the same institution, specializing in early childhood development. Mrs. Ngom’s experience in the field includes working in pre-school settings in the United States, with international organizations and universities. Of particular note, she has worked as a consultant for the World Bank in Washington, DC in the early childhood department for Africa, and at Stanford University as a researcher in the laboratory for research on language and early childhood. She brings together her passion and knowledge for the development and pleasure of your children.

Additional team members include:

Nursery team:

  • One bilingual educator, with a degree specializing in early childhood education, responsible for educational programs in English.
  • One French-language educator, responsible for educational programs in French.
  • One bilingual administrative assistant.
  • Seven trained childcare assistants who have earned certificates as childcare aides, recognized by the Government of Senegal.
  • One full-time housekeeper
  • One cook

Preschool team: Each preschool class has one full-time French teacher with a teaching degree, a full-time English teacher and 2 assistants.

Contact us

Email: info@kbadakar.com
Ph: +221 33.860.41.40
Fenêtre-Mermoz Rue 218 x 279 Corniche Ouest, Dakar, SENEGAL