Our pedagogy for the preschool program for children aged 2 to 6

Based on the new French system, the program is offered in equal parts in French and English, following the 5 learning areas of the official program recommended by the French Ministry of National Education.

The five learning areas :

1. Develop language skills in all of its aspects:

This area takes into account learning to write and development of oral skills.
With respect to oral skills, the objectives that should be achieved by the end of the program are:

  • Have the confidence to start to speak ;
  • Understand and learn ;
  • Talk and think about things with others ;
  • Begin to think about language and gain awareness of sounds ;
  • Acquisition and development of an awareness of sounds ;
  • Become aware of linguistic diversity.
With respect to writing skills, the objectives are the following:
  • Listen to and understand written language;
  • Discover the use of writing ;
  • Begin to produce writing and discover how it works ;
  • Discover the alphabet ;
  • Begin to write alone ;
  • Attempt to write words ;
  • Initial independent production of writing.

2. Act, express oneself, understand through physical activity

This area takes into account development of the practice of fun physical and artistic activities to contribute to the child’s motor, sensory, affective, intellectual and relational development. Children will learn to:

  • Act in space, time, and on objects ;
  • Adapt his or her equilibrium and movements to various environments or constraints ;
  • Communicate with others through actions with an expressive or artistic goal ;
  • Collaborate, cooperate and confront.

3. Act, express, understand through artistic activities

This area is related to the visual, sound and live performing arts. With respect to art and visual production, throughout the program, children will learn to:

  • Draw ;
  • Practice decorative handwriting ;
  • Complete plastic compositions, both flat and showing depth;
  • Observe, understand and transform images ;
  • Explore the realm of sound ;
  • Play with his/her voice and acquire a repertory of nursery rhymes and songs ;
  • Explore instruments, use body sounds ;
  • Perfect listening skills ;
  • Practice arts and live-performance arts.

4. Construct the first tools to structure thought

Three main objectives are carefully pursued:

  • Expressing quantities : work with numbers in arranging and deconstructing;
  • Perfect knowledge of small numbers by multiple operations: giving, showing, assessing ;
  • Particular attention is given to acquisition of oral sequence of words for numbers, writing of numbers with numerals, and counting ;
  • Expressing quantities ;
  • Counting ;
  • Finally, exploring organized forms, sizes and sequences.

5. Explore the world:

This category first includes situating in time and space by learning to:

  • Perfect first temporal bearings ;
  • Be familiar with different social situations ;
  • Strengthen the concept of chronology ;
  • Be aware of the concept of length of time ;
  • Experience space ;
  • Represent space ;
  • Discover various environments.
A second objective of this learning area encourages children to explore the living world, objects and matter:
  • Recognizing the main stages of development of an animal or a plant in a situation of actual observation or in a picture ;
  • Exploring matter: for example knowing how to choose, use, and name materials adapted to a situation, to specific technical actions (fold, cut, paste, assemble, activate, etc.);
  • Learning to use, create and manipulate objects ;
  • Using numerical tools, such as cameras, tablets, and computers.

Our pedagogy for the nursery program for children aged 3 months to 2 years

Our program was designed based on six objectives to provide your child with complete development. Each day is full of activities organized around a theme that the children will discover each week. Among the various themes that the children will explore are: hygiene, sharing, marine animals, gardening, colors, baby animals, numbers, etc.

Developing language

KBA enables your child to learn to better communicate with others and increase his/her vocabulary. We develop vocabulary with instructional activities where the children learn various words and concepts.

Stimulating intellect

Our objective is to teach your child to develop his/her intellect starting at a very young age by exploring concepts of cause and effect with logic games or memorization. We also provide a variety of materials of different colors, sizes, textures and shapes for their discovery, and we encourage the use of the five senses in each activity.

Developing solid social relationships

KBA encourages your child to develop social relationships and confidence in others. We encourage team games to allow your child to develop his/her interpersonal abilities. We also teach him/her to make friends and we instill the concept of sharing.

Developing a healthy body and good motor function

KBA allows your child to develop a healthy body and his/her motor function by instilling in him/her good practices for hygiene and nutrition as well as an interest in sports and physical activities. We respect the individual needs of each child for sleep and food, all the while gradually teaching him/her to follow the schedule of the group. We instill concepts of sports starting at 3 months with discovery sessions in the baby gym room and from age 1 with mini-soccer and mini-basketball sessions.

Developing creativity and imagination

KBA encourages your child to develop his/her creativity and imagination. We encourage imitating and imaginative games and promote self-expression through drawing, painting, songs and music.

Encouraging independence

We want to encourage your child to be independent and learn to do more and more things by him/herself. We always leave room in the schedule for open activities where the child can engage in the activity of his/her choice. We also encourage him/her to express his/her individual needs.

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